Urethral Stricture or Stricture Urethra or Urethrostenosis

Homeopathic treatment

Any treatment would aim at seeing that flow of urination is not impeded by the narrowing at the neck of the bladder or later, ease symptoms and to prevent possible complications.

In allopathy, there is no drug or medicinal treatment currently available for this disease.

A long course of antibiotics may be advised to prevent urine infections until a stricture has been widened.

If there is acute retention of urine, a urologist (a urologist treats problems of the urinary tract - such as prostate, bladder, kidney and penis problems) would help in draining with a catheter or a temporary incision through the abdomen. But on certain occasions there is a dilation of the urethra done under anaesthesia by inserting a thin instrument.

Instrumental treatment

Dilatation (widening) of the stricture: This is the traditional treatment. It is a relatively easy procedure to do and so usually tried first. It is usually done by passing a thin plastic rod (bogie) into the urethra. Rods of increasing thickness are gently inserted to gradually widen the narrowed stricture. The aim is to stretch the stricture without causing additional scarring. However, a stricture often tends to gradually narrow again after each dilation. Therefore, a repeat dilation is commonly needed every so often when symptoms recur.

Operative treatment

A corrective operation may be an option if the above does not work.

  • Internal urethrotomy: In this procedure a thin telescope is passed into the urethra to see exactly where the stricture is. A tiny knife is then passed down the telescope to cut along the stricture. This widens the narrowed stricture. Most people get some relief of symptoms from this procedure and about one-forth are cured for good. However, like dilatation, the stricture may reform and the procedure may have to be repeated
  • Urethroplasty and permanent urethral stents: A stent is like a wire mesh tube which gives support to the urethra and helps to keep the urethra widened. For people with severe strictures who choose not to undergo open surgery, permanent catheters or stents can be inserted into the urethra. Urinary catheters need to stay in place for a period of time after many procedures. These can cause infection, bladder irritation and discomfort.

What happens after the above treatments

Strictures are prone to return after dilation with catheters or endoscopic removal. But since the procedure on repetition has been known to cause worsening of the situation the problem needs to be addressed.

Open surgery to repair the stricture carries the risks of bleeding, infection, and damage to penis or other pelvic structures.

How is stricture urethra monitored

A person treated for urethral strictures should have follow-ups for at least one year. This is to watch for recurrence of the stricture. The primary monitoring test used is uroflowmetry, a test which measures the rate of urine flow during urination.

Can homeopathy help - my clinical experience

Usually patients come to see me as a last resort when they have tried almost everything. Surgery is the last option left with allopathy doctors and even after undergoing surgeries the patient is still suffering with distressful symptoms. This is when he looks for something beyond surgery and alternative therapies come into picture.

Homeopathy is a type of natural medicine. This system of medicine has slowly risen in popularity over the years, making it now the second most common form of medicine used in the world.

Given the individualistic and customized approach of homeopathy, different treatments are given to individuals for the same disease based on their characterisitic traits, personality and condition. A person's complete symptomatology will be treated all together.

Homeopathy is safe and natural with no side effects and act from within and make surgical procedure for stricture urethra unnecessary and avoidable.

What are the outcomes of homoeopathic treatment

  • Urinary output at every voiding improves; not like the way you experience after dilatation and urethral stents.
  • It would address the issue when injury or catheterization is known to cause narrowing of urethra by healing the damaged lining of urethra without scarring.
  • It helps in controlling the urinary infection (UTI) and checks out the gonorrheal infection (sexually transmitted disease).
  • It also tones the musculature of the bladder wall.
  • Homeopathy will prolong the duration between dilatations and will make the scarring soft.
  • It deals with the cause of the problem which is responsible for the distressful symptoms be it scar, injury, infection, suppressed gonorrhoea, enlarged prostate, kidney stones and so on.
  • It is also helpful post operatively.
  • Homeopathy medicines modify the disease process and stops the progress of the disease to dreaded complications.

When can you commence the homoeopathic remedies

Homeopathy can be started at any point of time but earlier the person comes, the speedier he recovers and prevents further complications.

The rate of recovery varies from person to person depending upon the age, condition of the patient, status of the problem, treatments already taken and so on.

There are 75 remedies which give great relief in stricture urethra. However, the correct choice and the resulting relief is a matter of experience and right judgment on the part of the treating doctor. The treatment is decided after thorough case taking of the patient. Thus homeopathic medicines of stricture urethra are designer made unlike allopathy in which all patients receive the same surgery or drugs although trade name may be different.

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What is stricture urethra

An elderly gentleman complaining of an unmitigated urgency for urination is usually suffering from an enlargement of the prostate gland but if the stream of urination is not free in somebody younger it could likely be due to the narrowing of the urethra.

Urethra is a fine tube through which urine flows out from the bladder and passes through the penis in men. The urethra is much shorter in women and ends just above the vagina.

In men, semen is also ejaculated through the urethra. The elastic tube (urethra) remains patent and is under the control at the neck of the bladder.

Due to some reasons there is a narrowing of urethra and urine does not pass out thoroughly and this condition is called as stricture urethra.

There is an urge to pass urine but the person finds that he has to wait for the stream to flow out.


More often than not, men find that they take longer time at the restroom to clear their bladder. As it goes, there is a feeling they have to exert pressure voluntarily at urination. At the end of urination there could dribbling of drops and still a feeling that the bladder has not evacuated completely and the urge to attend the toilet after a while again.

The strain of urination could sometimes bring on a burning sensation while and at the end of urination.

There is ensuing infection of the bladder as the urine retained in the bladder is prone to grow bacteria and the wall of the bladder too thickens and it is a vicious cycle. Here given is a checklist for you to notice if you are having any of these:

  • Reduced urine flow.
  • Dysuria (painful urination).
  • Difficulty urination.
  • Slow urine stream (may develop suddenly or gradually).
  • Spraying of urine stream.
  • Decreased urine output.
  • Increased urinary frequency or urgency.
  • Incontinence, dribbling.
  • Blood in the semen.
  • Pelvic pain.
  • Lower abdominal pain.
  • Bloody or dark urine.
  • Discharge from urethra at early morning.
  • Swelling of the penis.
  • Urinary retention.
  • Burning during urination.


Stricture urethra happens due to the urethra which becomes narrowed down due to certain causes. The commonest of which happens to be due to:

  • An injury either while riding or a fall and not uncommonly after a medical examination of the bladder through the urethra, or radiotherapy treatment which may damage the lining and the healed area could form into a scar narrowing the lumen.
  • Infection of the urethra is another cause. For example, sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhoea or chlamydia. The infection is usually acquired through sexual contact.
  • Infection as a complication of longterm use of a catheter to drain the bladder.
  • Infection may cause inflammation in the tissues in and around the urethra. These infections usually clear with treatment but may leave some scar tissue at the site of the inflammation which can cause a stricture. A stricture is just one possible complication from a urethral infection.
  • Congenital : Some babies are born with a urethral stricture. It is not usually noticeable until late in life, as it fails to widen as the urethra does with growth, thus it only impedes urinary flow relative to the rest of the urethra after puberty. Moreover, the patient will often not "know any difference," and so will not complain about poor flow.
  • In infants and toddlers, stricture urethra can be as a result of inflammation following a circumcision and not noticeable until toilet training when a deflected stream is observed or when the child must strain to produce a urinary stream.
  • Passage of kidney stones through the urethra can be painful and subsequently lead to urethral strictures.
  • Cancer which spreads from prostate cancer or bladder cancer is a rare cause.

Possible complications

Effect of straining: Herniation, piles, prolapse and so on.

More pressure is needed from the bladder muscle to pass urine out through a stricture (it acts like bottleneck). Not all urine in the bladder may be passed when you go to the toilet. Some urine may pool in the bladder. This 'residual' pool of urine is more likely to become infected. This makes you more prone to bladder, prostate and kidney infections.

An abscess (ball of infection) above the stricture may also develop. This can cause further damage to the urethra and tissues below the bladder.

Cancer of urethra is a rare complication of a longstanding case of stricture urethra.

How to diagnose

A physical examination may reveal the following:

  • Decreased urinary stream.
  • Enlarged or tender lymph nodes in the groin.
  • Redness or swelling of the penis.
  • Urethral discharge.
  • Enlarged or tender prostate.
  • Distended bladder.
  • Hardness on the undersurface of the penis.

The first diagnosis of strictures is made when the healthcare provider is unable to pass a catheter through the urethra. Strictures may also be suspected based on the person's symptoms and medical history. Sometimes the examination reveals no abnormalities then further tests are done. Tests include the following:

  • Urinary flow rate may be measured.
  • Post-void residual (PVR) measurement.
  • Urinalysis.
  • Urine culture (if evidence of infection).
  • Tests for chlamydia and gonorrhea.
  • Cystoscopy to confirm diagnosis.
  • A retrograde urethrogram to confirm diagnosis.

*Dr. Rohit I have a uretharal stricture but got operated in July 2009 in Jamia Hamdard, Hospital, New Delhi. But still my problem did not solved and it soon recurred. Now doing dialation by myself but I want to be cured of this problem. Now every 15-20 days I do dialatation. Now I am living simple life in Bahrain, no alcohol except cigarettes. After ejaculation of semen, my problems increase so I think It makes my problem worse. Good sleep, timely bowel movements and eating food less than diet makes me better.

After 40 days of treatment I started feeling better after 15 days treatment and urination was clear and smooth. It is still going on. When I ejaculated then I did not get pain like before. As I told you already that I have got done urethrotomy in June 2009 by Senior urologist Dr Kuldeep Singh (M.S., F.R.C.S.) at Jamia Hamdard Hospital, Tuglakabad, New Delhi. After surgery I still feel the pain on urination. Sir, finally I am feeling relaxed after starting your treatment. The urination flow is much better than before, but not feeling smooth flow yet like a normal man. Overall, I am feeling much more comfortable. I appreciates you for this treatment. Hopefully, the next treatment will also cure the mentioned complications.

After 5 months of treatment Now I don't get infection soon and no pain during urination and the flow is smooth. Really, your homeopathic medicine and treatment is miraculous and very effective. You know that I was hopelessed before your treatment but you have made me alive again. I would like to say you many many thanks!

After 1 year of treatment Dear Dr. Rohit, Good morning, I am very glad to inform you that I am feeling absolutely fit now due to your appreciable treatment. I have taken treatment from you for almost 1 year continuously. Now I want to stop it and see the effects. Hope, I will not have to take it again by grace of almighty God. I am very thankful to you for your good co-operation and appreciable treatment and I wish that you may give your best treatment to all the needful / hopeless people always. I will remember you always!

- Mr. Khalid Javed

Manama, Bahrain

*I have a urethral stricture after having an OP to reduce the prostate (BHP). I have had 3 operations to widen the urethra with intervals of 4, 5, and, to date 7 weeks with the stricture at the moment, getting worse. I have been told by the medical authorities that the stricture is rather long and is in more than one area.

The discomfort is worsened by the formation of scar tissue forming after urethrostomy. I am sometimes depressed, brought about by this health problem and inclined to be ultra-sensitive to the actions and behaviour of other people. I am 79 kilos in weight and 1m 74 in height

After 14 months of treatment Hello Dr Rohit Jain, it is over one month now since my last course of final treatment. I am pleased to say that the stricture problem appears to be contained in asmuch as it is now 14 months since the last corrective surgery. The situation is that there appears to be no positive restriction of the urethra. I would like to thank you for your help in this matter and wish you all good fortune for the future.

- Mr. Ronald Crickmore

Duesseldorf, Germany

*Dear Sir, 12 years ago, I was diagnosed with narrowing of membranous urethra - URETHRAL STRICTURE – in length of 2.5 cm. As a cause of problem stated trauma from childhood (fall on frame of bike) or hereditary.

I always remember a thin stream of urine.

After unsuccessfull dilatation I made "urethrotomia internal", but after 3 months situation was like before operation. Then I made dilatation again but without improvements. These last years until now difficulties were reflected in urination problems with burning and dysuria, frequent urination, sensitivity on inflammations, and decrease sexual potency.

Thanks in advance.

After 35 days of treatment Hello Dr. Jain, I am taking your remedies regulary according to your instructions (today is 36th day), and may I say in general, I feel the improvement of state regarding urethral stricture.

This is reflecting in reduced dysuria during urination, improved bladder empting and reduced frequency of urination.

In one third of visits to the toilet improvement is significant, in second third improvement is good, and the state in third third is better than before.

I noticed that improvement is particularly marked in the days when I have taken an extra 10 globules (single dose) and more fluid. I think, just how did you say, the state is slightly better with every day. So I am satisfied and grateful to you.

Thank you for your attention and I greet you!

- Mr. Katušic Krešimir

Brdovec, Croatia

*Good Morning. Giving back feedback; these remedies worked very good. I think its my best feeling so far. Just sometimes the pressure of flow goes down then same day it picks up.

I am pleased with working with you. Its a year I am dealing with your remedies but I know my case was a special one; I had this problem for over 20 years. Hope I can cure this problem for good. I am looking for your next remedies. Thank you.

- Mr. Frank Saluti

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

*Hello Dr. Rohit Jain I have a uretharel stricture for the last 20 yrs from a sport accident. I went to see over half dozen urologist; also living in very painful conditions, anyone that has a stricture understands. After 8 months of your treatment I can honestly say this is the best I have been feeling; my flow has greatly improved and burning has been improved greatly.

For many years I never thought possible that you can cure strictures without surgery but Dr. Rohit with your remedies you are making this happen. I am hoping we can completly cure this problem that i have for so many years. I want to thank you for your great help; never felt this good in years hope to continue working with you until I am 100 percent cured.

- Mr. Alex Cutts

London, UK

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Dr. Rohit Jain

He is a consultant homeopathy doctor with more than 18 years of clinical experience.


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Urethra stricture

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Its for myy father. he under went raddical prostatectomy and radiation.after this surgery he underwent cystoxopy,dilation at least five times. recently he diagonised with hydronephrosis and urin infection. DJ stent was provided. now DJ stent was removed. Urine flow is now poor. can i get effective treatment in homeopath?

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Respected sir Mujhe urethra stricture ki problem hai dr ne operation bola hai Sir kya homeopathic me iska permanent medicine hai to plz aap mujhe in medicine Ko batane ki kripa kare Updesh Singh kannauj u.p

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Jan 5, 2018 3:18 pm Reply

Dear Dr , I recently was diagnosed with a large anterior Urethral stricture causing increased frequency and urge. Was also diagnosed with chronic hemorrhagic bladder cystitis. I had 2 urethrotomy procedures to correct the issue structure . However 6 weeks later urine stream is starting to weaken with peak flow around 6ml/s doctor thinks that the scar is forming narrowing the urethra. Dear doctor is there any homeopathy treatment to prevent the formation of this scar ?

Ruben Sukumar
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Dear Dr. Rohit I have a two urethral stricture but got operated in July 2007 in Aurangabad Sony Hospital by laparoscopy. But still my problem did not solved and it soon recurred. Now doing dilatation by myself frequently, but I want to be cured of this problem. After ejaculation of semen, my problems increase more so I think it makes my problem worse. So pls. advice what can I do. Regards//Athar

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I had green light laser surgery of BPH on18th August2017. I was discharged in one day and had catheter removed. The flow after a few days reduced. I was treated with antibiotic. But thereafter for last one month flow is very low, almost in drips. Uroflometry has showed maxflow of 3 ml per second.Av flow 1 ml per second. Doctor says that OziU under anssthesia will be done. I am scared. Pl asvise

P R Sinha
Oct 22, 2017 5:36 pm Reply

dear sir my misses have ureter stricture ,in 2010 we find diagnosis that time dr . give treatment of TB on ureter and she become well. after long 6 year now again she is feeling same symptoms and pain . please help me for the same

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Oct 11, 2017 8:51 am Reply

Sir, My dad is 64 and have colostomy from last 1.5 yrs and also taking oral chemo. He has problem of frequent urination, we went to doctor, he asks for sonography. In sonography report, it specifies that bladder wall is thin and he had placed uretic catheter and given allopathy medicine for 3 weeks. after 3 weeks he will see the progress. Please suggest some homeopathy for bladder issue.

Naren M
Oct 9, 2017 8:01 pm Reply

*Dr. Rohit I have a urethral stricture but got operated in July 2005 in a Bangladesh Hospital, But still my problem did not solved and it soon recurred. I continued dilation by myself for about six months, but I want to be cured of this problem. The urinary passage is going to be narrowed again. pl let me know the name of the medicine to remove the scar that has been formed again. regards, Mushfique

Mushfiqur Rahman
Oct 1, 2017 10:49 pm Reply

sir i have urethral strictur since june 16 at present after one or two months i have to undergo through caliberation but after one month it reccurence please help me my symptoms are remain same as you mentioned in your example from k.p.Gupta Mathura

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I have gone urethromy in Feb for removing urethral stricture .Urine flow is fine but sometimes paining while urinating .

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Respected sir I am suffering fromgonorehial stricture about 15 years .my urination is very slow and some time it came drop by drop .few years ago I took Vesicaria Q (adviced by doctor).Then much beter for some month but the problems comes again .please advice me some medicine urgent .The problem is very much please sir

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I have a urethta stricture problem. Please help me out.

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Urethral stricture problm...2 times optreation done not feelng well

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Aug 23, 2017 1:27 am Reply

Respected Sir I am facing night bedwetting from some days, earlier i had been diagonised with prostrate enlargement which is 50gm. i also face problem in urination as i feel i cannot control it. whenever i feel i have to go for it . recently i did a USG which pointed out that apart from prostate of 50 gm i also have a urinary stricture and the only option suggested by the doctor was surgery . I have heard that homeopathy has some good medicines for it. please help me in this regard. my age is 77(male)

Rahim Khan
Aug 14, 2017 10:11 am Reply