Sprains & Strains Injuries

Homeopathic treament

In homeopathy we deal with the sprain and strain injuries externally as well as internally.

Along with internal medication the patient is asked to massage the area with Rhus toxicodendron or Ruta graveolens ointment to relieve soreness and tenderness.

There are about 153 remedies for sprains and strains and the patient’s exact remedy is decided after taking his complete case history which includes all signs and symptoms with their modalities and then selecting the remedy which best suits his or her constitution with certainty to cure.

For example, the patient complains of sore, lame and bruised feeling after a traumatic injury. The ligaments are torn with swelling. There is bruising and inflammation of the soft tissue. In such a case we would prescribe Arnica montana. This remedy would promote healing and reduce swelling. It is also effective in bleeding.

We choose Ruta graveolens if the tendons and ligaments are torn with injury. It is a very good remedy for ankle sprain with lameness and puffy swelling. It also has amazing results in tennis elbow.

Thus homeopathy is tailor made while allopathy is ready made because in allopathy all patients are given the same medicine without considering their individual reactions and disease modalities.

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What are sprains & strains

Sprains and Strains are the most common form of injury and range from twisting of ankle to aching backs.

A sprain injures the ligaments which are the tough, fibrous bands of tissue that connects the bone to one another at a joint. (See figure)

A Strain damages muscle and tendons that attach muscle to bone. The tendon is stretched or torn.

Sprained ankle joint—the ligaments are stretched and torn.

What happens in ankle sprain


  • Sudden or unaccustomed stress on joint or muscle.
  • Falls.
  • Lifting heavy objects.
  • Playing unfamiliar sports.
  • Being obese, inactive or having poor physical health increases the chances of sprains and strains.



  • Pain in the injured joint.
  • Rapid swelling of the joint, mostly with bruising.
  • Stiffness and difficulty in moving the joint.


  • Sharp pain at the site of the injury.
  • Pain is followed by stiffness, tenderness and swelling.

Lab investigations

  • X-rays to rule out fracture.
  • MRI scan is done to find out ruptured tissues.

Consult a doctor if

  • the pain, swelling and stiffness does not improve within three days.
  • there is a popping sensation when you move the injured joint.
  • there is inability to move the injured joint; this may be due to fracture.
  • there are repeated sprains and strains.


Management aims at control of the pain and swelling, followed by rest which allows healing. Most sprains and strains heal within 2-3 weeks.

Management in the first 24 hours: RICE.

Rest: Rest to the affected area to avoid further injury.

Ice: Apply ice packs alternately. It helps in reducing the swelling and inflammation.

Compression: It restricts the swelling. Use elastic bandage to compress the area and reduce swelling.

Elevation: Elevate the affected part above the heart to improve drainage from the affected part and to reduce pain.

After 48-72 hrs. you may use hot fomentation to relieve soreness and stimulate circulation of the affected area. Your doctor may advise heat or infrared treatment from a phsyotherapist.

Home remedies

For sprains and strains try a hot vinegar pack. Heat equal part of vinegar and water, then soak a towel for a minute. Apply it to the affected area for five minutes. Remove it then apply a cold one for five minutes, cover with wool. Repeat it for three times.


Maintaining good physical health is very important to prevent sprains and strains. Yoga is a time-tested approach to build strong and flexible muscles, ligaments and tendons. If you are overweight, consult your doctor for an appropriate diet and excercise program.

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