Payment plans is an online homeopathy clinic which has been designed to promote homeopathic treatment at a global level. We have created special online payment plans for the internet users, making benefits of homeopathy available to millions in different parts of the world.

Our online treatment plans include the following aspects:

  • Patient’s case history is meticulously collected with the help of a specially designed consultation form and subsequent queries.
  • Case details are then evaluated and analyzed by Dr. Rohit Jain, Dr. Ritu Jain, Dr. Ranjana Sharma.
  • Management of your problem is then decided which includes homeopathic treatment.
  • Homeopathic remedies would be sent to you through registered air mail / speed post in case you opt for Consultation plus treatment plan.
  • Follow-up online support is provided as and when required.
  • Case is again evaluated and analyzed after a definite period of therapy.
  • Use of the online treatment protocol means that you agree to the terms of use given in the disclaimer.

Given below are plans for non-Indian & Indian residents. Each plan offers 2 choices:

  • Consultation plus treatment plan
  • Only consultation plan

It is advisable to opt for “Only consultation plan” only and only if there is a reliable homeopathic pharmacist near your place from where genuine German homeopathic remedies could be purchased by you. This plan has been devised only to cut down on the shipping time. If one opts for this plan, the name & doses of the remedies to be taken would be communicated to you, but it is strictly advised to take them only for the duration indicated. If continued beyond the advised duration, it would be entirely at your own risk and could prove detrimental.