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Before delving into homeopathic mode of treatment for albinism, let us look into the allopathic mode of treatment:

  • No potential effective treatment exists for albinism in allopathy
  • Low vision aids
  • Eye patching for the treatment of strabismus starting at the age of six months
  • Surgical care

Low vision aids cannot prevent the vision from further deterioration.

Usage of eye patches over a long period of time compresses the nerves and vessels, makes the good eye less function- able and may lead to glaucoma.

The surgery for strabismus rarely provides achievement of binocularity and depth perception. Even after retinal detachment repair, patients with albinism tend to do poor because of nystagmus and inherently weak retinal pigment epithelium, retinal adhesions.

A patient of albinism can be prescribed homeopathic remedies based on his constitution, temperament, physical and mental attributes.

Homeopathy helps in improvement of his mental health and status of happiness by helping the patient overcome the feeling of isolation.

Issues such as low vision, strabismus, nystagmus are addressed effectively.

Lack of skin pigment increases the susceptibility to sunburn and skin cancers. Deficiency of retinal pigmentation brings about the tendency to retinal detachment. The patient also becomes prone to diseases of lungs and gums. Such severe consequences can be prevented to large extent; and if present can be managed well with appropriate medicines. There also exists a homeopathic remedy known to have genetic interference.

Few remedies for albinism include Apis mel, Kali carb, Argentum nit, Baryta carb, baryta mur and so on. [Note: Do not self medicate. Take your medications exactly as prescribed by your doctor, including at the right time and full length of your prescribed treatment.]

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What is albinism?

  • Albinism refers to the congenital absence of pigmentation in the eyes, skin and hair.
  • Inherited as an autosomal recessive trait.
  • The number of melanocytes is normal (in vitiligo, the number of melanocytes is reduced.)
  • Series of genetic abnormalities lead to reduced melanin biosynthesis in the skin and eyes.

Types and presentation

Type 1 albinism

  • Defect in the tyrosinase gene ultimately leading to decreased production of melanin
  • Complete absence of pigment; in skin and hair at birth
  • Consequent pale skin and white hair, and failure of melanin production in the iris and retina

Type 2 albinism

  • Defect in P gene which encodes an ion channel protein in the melanosome
  • Gross reduction of pigment in the skin and eyes, but may be more mildly affected than type 1 albinos.

Establishing the subtype of albinism

Requires genetic analysis as there is considerable phenotypic heterogeneity.

Presentation / Features

  • Photophobia
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Poor vision not correctable with refraction
  • Rotatory nystagmus
  • Red eye in photos since red of retina is visible in flash light
  • Alternating strabismus (squint) associated with abnormalities in the decussation of nerve fibres in the optic tract
  • Increased susceptibility to sunburns
  • Increased risk of skin cancer
  • Development of pigmented melanocytic naevi and freckle in response to sun exposure


  • Strict regulation of reception of sun rays with sun avoidance, clothing, hats and sunscreens.
  • Early diagnosis and treatment of skin tumors.
  • Patients may be at a risk of developing vitamin D deficiency, so adequate vitamin D supplements should be advised in cases where complete avoidance to sun exposure.

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Hi doctor my 2 year and 8 months old daughter has albinism and autism spectrum disorder. Do you any treatment to ease this symptoms.

Kiranjit Kaur
Aug 21, 2019 1:03 pm Reply

I want to know about treatment of 'Albinism' in homeopathy. I suffering this priblems by birth.

Oct 13, 2017 11:32 pm Reply